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AST Suspension Top Mounts
TMA-B03 / TMA-B07 / TMA-B13

Please note that these are a custom order item, and the photo is for illustration purposes only. Colours and design may vary.

A top mount may sound like something simple, but it is an important part of your suspension system. The top mount serves as the mounting point for the top of your vehicle’s damper to connect to the chassis.

Depending on the car and model we produce top quality adjustable top mounts and/or non adjustable top mounts.

With AST's adjustable top mounts you can adjust the camber of the wheels by adjusting the 4 bolts in each top mount.

Low maintenance

AST Suspension uses the same materials and bearings as they use in the aviation industry, therefore our top mounts are almost free of maintenance.

  • Adjustable Front Top Mounts to alter camber (2pcs).
  • Non Adjustable Rear Top Mounts (2pcs).

Please note that the rear top mounts are not for the F56, where OEM mounts must be used instead.

TMA-B07-A1-20F - R56