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KAVS R50 MINI Cooper Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley

The KAVS Motorsport Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley is a fantastic addition to your R50 Cooper.

Our Lightweight Crankshaft Pulleys are forged, solid units; far superior to weaker, machine cut pulleys, as offered by our competitors, which can be prone to failure.

A brand new crankshaft bolt must be used during installation. Please note that the R50 crank pulley has a rubber ring to take up the pulses as the crank cycles. You must be aware of any possible risks in running a solid aftermarket pulley before installing.

Installation is made easier by baking the pulley in the oven at 120C for approx 10 minutes, then fitting straight on whilst hot. Please note that a new crankshaft bolt should be used during installation.