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M7 Rear Diffuser Tunnel Kit (R56)
  • M7 Rear Diffuser Tunnel Kit (R56)
  • M7 Rear Diffuser Tunnel Kit (R56)
  • M7 Rear Diffuser Tunnel Kit (R56)
  • M7 Rear Diffuser Tunnel Kit (R56)

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Please note this product fit the 2nd Generation JCW AERO Bumper only

Information taken from M7's website - 

Race teams install them for the downforce...Show cars use them for that extra punch in character...And now you'll be able to do both! 

M7 proudly presents to you the M7 Rear Lower Diffuser Tunnels designed for the JCW Aero Kit. The Rear Lower Diffuser Tunnels come in a black gel-coated fiberglass; all you need to do is just final prep and paint. 

Our rear lower diffuser system not only looks aggressive, but it helps your performance jump up another level. By utilitizing the venturi effect the M7 tunnels allow for the high speed underbody air flow to expand smoothly into a lower speed, lower pressure zone at the rear of the car. This does two things to greatly improve aerodynamics of your car;

adds significant downforce 

reduces overall drag

The diffuser tunnels attach to your vehicle using special brackets that utilize pre-existing mounting locations as well as the rear bumper. The rear bumper brackets attach by drilling and installing rivnuts into the aluminum bumper underneath the bumper cover. The tunnels were designed around the R56's straight back exhaust system. 

The small center wing between the two large tunnels is provided in the kit as well as all the brackets and hardware needed to mount the kit.

Please Note:

  • This kit requires modification work to your vehicle to install including cutting of some body panels. It is recommended the installer have strong fabrication and mechanical skills and access to an automotive lift and all necessary tools. 
  • Cutting and re-shaping of the rear bumper is necessary. 
  • The tunnels were designed around the JCW Aero Kit and are not meant to fit the Standard Bumpers or OEM Hypersport Body Kit.
  • Drilling and installation of rivnuts into rear aluminum bumper is necessary (hardware is included but tools ARE NOT). 

  • The AirTab vortex generators seen in some images floating around the internet were part of a pre-production prototype and are NOT available on the final production version.

The M7 Diffuser Tunnels are available in two finishes: fiberglass  and stunning Carbon Fibre. The two smaller diffuser pieces of the set (located ahead of the rear control arms) are fiberglass for both finishes. 

The small center wing between the two large tunnels comes is black gel coat finish for fiberglass and carbon fiber for the carbon fiber kit.

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Please note - M7 products are ordered from the USA, so there will be a slight delay with delivery.

Fits the following Mini models

2nd Gen. JCW AERO bumper only