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Summit Racing Upper Strut Brace F55 F56 *second*

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Please note that due to some chips in the paint on the orange end mounts of these braces, these are classed as "seconds", and are priced accordingly

The first of many very exciting offerings from S-U-MM-I-T Racing Equipment, normally found on rally stages and drift events.

S-U-MM-I-T Chassis reinforcement equipment improves chassis rigidity & reduces un-wanted chassis flex.

S-U-MM-I-T Braces are not hollow tube, they use a monocoque aluminium triple forged tube shaft, which makes them incredibly lightweight but are also exceptionally strong.

S-U-MM-I-T Strut braces are 50% stronger than cheap hollow alloy tube strut braces.

S-U-MM-I-T Racing Equipment upgrades your chassis performance and thereby improving you cars handling and driving experience.

Will fit F55 and F56

Please note that the ends of the strut brace are orange, with the central section chrome.