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Carbotech Ferodo FCP1348H - CT592

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Carbotech Ferodo FCP1348H - fits the Brembo GT 328x28 Front (BBK - 1A1.6029A1 / Pads - 107.C102.00/107.5146.31) and Seat Leon Cupra-R (2002-05) Front BremboFRP3077 pads

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When you want the control and modulation to take your track-bred car deep into the turns, you need unsurpassed Carbotech brake technology. Going deep before you brake allows you to stay on the accelerator longer going into the corner and even faster coming out.

If you're a professional racer, or if you're taking your street car to the track for club events, Carbotech has the best braking solution. That's why Carbotech are becoming the #1 manufacturer of performance brake pads around the world with professional and club racers--everyone who demands the best. At Carbotech, we've been heavily involved in club and professional racing for more than 17 years. We know what you need to win.

Brake pad compounds:

  • BOBCAT™ Great first stage upgrade over OE pads for road use only, low noise & dust
  • AX6™ Road and fast road, good upgrade over OE for the spirited road driver
  • XP8™ Fast road/track day/sprint, ideal for regular fast road and track day users
  • XP10™ Extreme fast road and track, for the hardcore road and track user
  • XP12™ Serious Track, perfect for the serious racer or track day user
  • XP20™ Ultimate Race, for those requiring extremely high friction & temperature