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CoolingMist Stage 2 Progressive Water Methanol Injection Kit R56

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The Stage II Cool Boost Water-Methanol Injection Pump Controller enables drivers to progressively manage fluid delivery across a specified boost range. Equipped with the latest firmware, this controller stands as the most advanced and feature-rich system available.

Stage 2 System Highlights:

  • Persistent Setpoint Adjustments: This feature ensures that your injection setpoints remain unchanged despite accidental adjustments due to cleaning, vibrations, or temperature fluctuations.
  • Manual Priming Capability: Drivers can manually prime the system from inside the vehicle, whether stationary or in motion.
  • Built-in System Testing: Featuring a new test function, the controller can operate the pump until pressure is sensed by the exclusive SPMU Sensor, facilitating easy troubleshooting for pressure issues.
  • Detection of Controller Failure and Wiring Issues: The system monitors pump and solenoid outputs every 10 milliseconds to quickly identify and address any problems, preventing injection mishaps and enabling a safety mode to avoid vehicle damage.
  • Pre-Pressurisation Technology: This new feature anticipates activation, pre-pressurising the system to enhance consistency and eliminate the need for manual priming in rarely driven or high setpoint vehicles.
  • Improved Fittings: The Stage 2 kit includes secure compression fittings, moving past the unreliable push fittings of the past.
  • Triple Electrical Isolation: The system is designed with three levels of protection against electrical failures, ensuring the highest safety standards and maintaining a reputation for zero engine hydro-lock incidents.
  • Optional Pressure and Fluid Level Monitoring: The kit can be equipped with sensors for monitoring system pressure and fluid levels, allowing for easy identification and resolution of issues like blockages or low fluid conditions.

Controller Features:

  • Versatile injection controls based on various parameters like boost, throttle position, and RPM.
  • Progressive delivery with advanced pre and post-pressurisation to prevent latency.
  • Comprehensive electrical safety with circuit monitoring.
  • Options for system pressure and fluid level monitoring.
  • User-friendly configuration menu.
  • Compatibility with JB4 for map switching.
  • Enhanced safety features and easy installation.

Kit Includes:

  • 200psi pump, CB controller with complete wiring harness, high-pressure tubing, injector tailored to engine specifications, compression nozzle holder, 300psi solenoid, tank tap, and all necessary fittings for installation, including an inline fuse holder with a fuse, zip ties, and connectors.

Benefits of Water/Methanol Injection:

  • Cooler Air Intake Temperatures: Functions as "liquid intercooling," significantly reducing air charge temperatures and enriching the oxygen content.
  • Reduced Detonation Risk: Combining water's cooling properties and methanol's anti-knock qualities allows for safer tuning, higher boost levels, and advanced ignition timing with standard pump fuel.
  • Lower Carbon Deposits: The system helps to clear carbon buildup in the engine, potentially improving fuel economy and reducing detonation risks by maintaining cleaner combustion chambers.