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CravenSpeed R52 R53 Dipstick
  • CravenSpeed R52 R53 Dipstick
  • CravenSpeed R52 R53 Dipstick

Better Than The Stock MINI Dipstick

  • The CravenSpeed Dipstick will never break (besides, if it did, you know we would replace it!)
  • The stainless steel sinker has holes that catch oil making it very easy to read.
  • The flexible, stainless steel spring that makes up the length of the stick will not get caught or break like the stocker.
  • Trade the yellow plastic for a Red Powder Coated aluminium handle for a substantially improved look.

It's a Quick Read

We created our Dipper to read just like the stock one. The lowest hole indicates you need to add approx. 1 quart of oil, the middle point indicates about 1/2 quart of oil, and the top hole means your oil is full.

Fits Your Cooper S R53 (2001-2006)

This first generation model fits all supercharged MINI engines. So if you've got a Cooper S or JCW model this dipstick will fit your Cooper S R53 (2001-2006) perfectly.

That's Hawt!

Disclaimer Alert!Oven mitts should never come into the equation, but please be careful touching anything that close to your Turbo!