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Funk Motorsport Adhesive Silver Heat Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Adhesive Silver Heat Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Adhesive Silver Heat Blanket

Meet one of our Heat Management Best Sellers, our Funk Motorsport Silver Reflective Adhesive Heat Wrap Blanket. Designed to protect against both radiant heat and convectional heat transfer, our silver reflective blanket is an absolute must have in your Heat Management toolkit.

  • Simply cut, peel and stick.
  • Great for bulkheads and exhaust tunnels.
  • Protects against both convectional and radiant heat transfer.
  • Withstands up to 500 degrees C of direct heat with flashes of 1100 degrees C.

Wrap and protect intake pipework, plenums and airboxes to reduce air intake temperatures. Our Funk Motorsport Silver Adhesive Reflective Heat Wrap blanket works to reflect away radiant heat and combat convectional heat transfer from the engine bay to keep intake temperatures as cool as possible.

Protect sensitive components by wrapping our Silver Adhesive Reflective Heat Blanket around sensitive components such as master cylinders, swirl pots, ECUs and more. Create a heat barrier around sensitive components with our silver reflective heat wrap blanket to protect them from excess heat within the engine bay.

Our silver reflective heat blanket is commonly used to line and protect exhaust tunnels, fuel cells and more ensure the reliable running of your engine by keeping fuel temperatures under control. By lining the bulkhead in our silver reflective heat blanket, you can help ensure the comfort of the driver in the cockpit too, by fighting heat transfer from the cockpit into the vehicle cabin.