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Funk Motorsport Dual Layer Barrier Heat Shield Sheeting
  • Funk Motorsport Dual Layer Barrier Heat Shield Sheeting
  • Funk Motorsport Dual Layer Barrier Heat Shield Sheeting

As one of the most impressive heat shield insulation barriers on the market, Funk Motorsport Dual Layer sheeting dramatically reduces heat transfer, even in the harshest of environments. Two aluminium heat barrier sheets sandwich our signature Funk Motorsport insulation to produce the ultimate heat barrier solution.

  • Dramatically reduce heat transfer.
  • Contains our signature Funk insulation.
  • Can be cut and shaped to size.
  • Withstands constant temperatures of up to 1600 degrees C, with flashes up to 2000 degrees C.

Retain heat energy within the exhaust system to increase exhaust gas temperatures and improve efficiency and performance. Shape our dual layer aluminium heat barrier to create a thermal sleeve around your exhaust system to improve exhaust efficiency and performance. Alternatively, shape and secure our dual layer heat barrier sheet to create a heat shield between your turbo/exhaust system and intake pipework to reduce intake temperatures. The list of benefits and applications for this product are truly endless!

Create a heat barrier between sensitive components and the hottest areas of your engine bay. Protect fluid reservoirs, ECUs, bulkheads and more with our ultimate heat barrier.

Our dual layer aluminium heat barrier helps to promote reliability within the whole engine bay over time. Take care of vapour lock, boiled brake fluid and rising cockpit temperatures by protecting them from excess heat. Many components fail victim to heat gradually over time by ongoing over exposure. Secure by drilling and fastening to your requirements to ensure reliability over time.