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GRS Motorsport R53 Mk2 Chargecooler
  • GRS Motorsport R53 Mk2 Chargecooler
  • GRS Motorsport R53 Mk2 Chargecooler

Please note that this is a custom order item, with a lead time of approx 5-8 weeks.

The GRS Motorsport Chargecooler is for the user that demands some serious cooling capability, for example track, hot weather and high performance / high bhp applications. Like the GRS Intercooler, the Chargecooler also cools the boosted air (making it denser - which is a good thing!) which in turn allows the engine to run at a better efficiency and therefore produce more power. The GRS Chargecooler does an even better job at cooling than the intercooler by using cold water to cool the boosted air rather than air. In testing, the GRS Chargecooler showed an 8bhp increase on top of the GRS Intercooler (which gives an additional 8bhp also), this gives a net increase of 16bhp! The price includes everything needed for the conversion including reservoir, water pump, radiator, chargecooler, fixings and hoses. Hoses are available in other colours, please contact us if you would like a colour other than blue.

All Mini Charge coolers are now powder coated as standard, at no extra charge. Satin Black will be the standard colour, but other colour’s are available upon request.

Compared to the original version, the Mk2 Charge Cooler is 15% smaller, the pre-rad is 88% bigger, and the inlet & outlet internals are different to aid better air flow. The water reservoir is now a different design to stop any aeration that might occur in the water system. The air-con is still retained.

We used the opportunity to put the new charge cooler system through its paces.

Result are as follows;

1st session Track time 10 minutes
Highest ACT’s 43 degree
Ambient Temp 9 degrees

2nd session Track time 20 minutes
Highest ACT’s touched 53, but this was behind traffic (with no air getting to the pre-rad), reduced to 47 degrees
Ambient Temp 13 degrees

3rd session Track time 10 minutes
Highest ACT’s 45 degrees
Ambient Temp 14 degrees

On the run down lap the recovery rate was excellent - by the time the car got back into the paddock the ACT’s had reduced to 30 degrees.