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Hardrace F55 F56 F57 Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms - Pillowball

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If you're running coilovers and have lowered your MINI, you may find that the rear camber is out of alignment and that, depending on how low you've gone, your wheels may be angled in more than they should be which will put a lot of excess wear on the inner edges of the tyres (Negative Camber). Adjustable rear control arms are crucial in order to set the rear camber to suit your driving style, skills and needs. Besides causing excess damage to your tyres, it can also wear out your wheel bearings a lot quicker than a stock set-up would.

The only way to fix this is to replace the stock rear control arms with adjustable control arms.

Due to the layout of the Mini Cooper and Cooper S, these bars will fit in two locations for the rear suspension. They can either be set to adjust camber (replacing the lower arms) or to adjust toe (replacing the upper arms) depending upon where they are installed. For best results and the ultimate in adjustability you can purchase two sets of arms and complete your rear suspension setup.

These control arms feature a turn-buckle style adjustment in the centre of the arm for easy adjustment and anti-dust pillow ball ends for a more direct feel without compromising comfort.

Key features:

  • Lightweight yet Durable Steel-Alloy.
  • Anti-Dust Pillowball Ends
  • Brilliant Blue-Metallic Powder-coat Finish
  • Easy-Access center turnbuckle adjustments.
  • Can be used for Toe or Camber with one set or both with two sets.
  • 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty against Defects.
  • Direct-Feel and large range of adjustment for the ultimate enthusiast.

Prior to installation, we recommend undoing the turn-buckle style adjusters both ends of the arms and applying a liberal amount of cooper grease to the threads, this will enable future adjustments to be made a lot easier. After adjusting, it's also wise to cover any exposed thread with white lithium grease.

These fit the following MINI models:


  • F55 F56 and F57: 2014+