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Orranje are proud to announce we are approved retailers of HELIX Autosport Clutch kits for the 3rd Gen MINI Cooper S F56

We offer the following HELIX clutch kits -

  • Organic drive plate - Road/Fast Road and Occasional track day - Capable of withstanding 500Nm of torque
  • 6 Paddle drive plate - Road/Fast Road and Occasional track day - Capable of withstanding 700Nm of torque

The HELIX clutch kits differ to the OEM units by providing the following benefits -

The HELIX ‘Heavy Duty Cover Assembly’ has a higher clamp load/pressure load when compared to the standard cover plate. This means that it can cope with higher torque and increased engine RPM that is typical to a modified engine. The clutch also has a firmer clutch pedal feel for quicker gear changes.

Organic Drive plate (clutch plate) features a sprung centre which is suitable for road and light track-day/competition use. The design features damper springs arranged radially around the hub centre which together with the facing segments provides progressive engagement and a greater degree of clutch control. The organic facing material is the best high performance material available. Capable of withstanding 500Nm of torque.

The Paddle Drive plate is suited towards Competition use. These are rated to approximately 666Nm of torque. Cerametallic material is used in the four pads as its friction properties are retained at much higher temperatures than that of the organic material. This sprung plate suits the lightweight steel flywheel, which features 6 damper springs arranged radially around the hub centre.

What's included with my order?

  • Helix Billet Clutch Cover - 60-4756
  • Genuine BMW Clutch Release Bearing - 40-2441
  • Drive Plate (Organic or 5 Paddle or 6 Paddle) - 70-2440 / 76-2440 / 77-2440
  • Lightened Steel Flywheel - HF 9490

Simply put this clutch kit offers exceptional value and performance for any 3rd Gen Mini owner.

Please note - All clutch kit components are available individually if required. Please email for prices