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KAVS R53 MINI Cooper S Lightweight Alternator Pulley

KAVS Motorsport Lightweight Alternator Pulley.

Please note that the photo is for illustration purposes only, and the actual item has a matt / satin silver powder coat finish, to match the KAVS crank pulley and KAVS lightweight supercharger pulleys.

The KAVS Motorsport +5% and +10% Alternator Pulley is designed to reduce the speed of the alternator when other engine modifications mean it would be spinning faster.

Much like it is a good idea to fit a KAVS Motorsport Enlarged Crank Pulley to your engine when you install a smaller supercharger pulley (available from KAVS Motorsport in various sizes), fitting our enlarged Alternator Pulley will mean that the alternator will not have to work as hard when Enlarged Crank Pulleys and smaller supercharger pulleys are installed.

The benefits include:

  • Increased life of your alternator
  • More BHP; because the design of the pulley allows the belt to work more efficiently with reduced stress
  • Allows you to run a higher rev limit for more performance

Installation is made easier by baking the pulley in the oven at 120C for approx 10 minutes, then fitting straight on whilst hot.