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KAVS Motorsport Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) R50 R52 R53

Unfortunately, due to the world we live in, it is rare that we come across the perfect flat road. In fact, it's a miracle to find one without even the smallest of pot holes. Over time, these pot holes often catch us (and our cars) out - often resulting in a very loud 'thud' and the loss of a spine!!

Not only is it us that suffer the brunt of these imperfect road surfaces, but your car's strut tower.

The strut tower is the area where the top part of your suspension is mounted. Whether or not you're running stock or rock hard suspension, these pot holes can cause 'mushrooming' - basically where the strut tower is pushed upwards. This results in things like bad tracking, poor suspension performance and vibrations.

KAVS Motorsport has now developed a solution: the KAVS Motorsport Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs).

  • Sold as a pair.
  • Manufactured from 3mm of the strongest steel on the market.
  • Comes powder coated in black for a stock or stealthy look.
  • Very easy to install - these are installed on top of the top mounts on the front suspension, so they are sandwiched between the top mount and strut tower.

The KAVS Motorsport Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) add an extra layer of strength to the top of your strut tower in order to keep it as it should be. By joining all three bolts at the top of the tower, the SRPs will help the strut towers maintain their integrity throughout their hard working lives. They are a worthy accessory for any car; from fully tuned race cars, to your day-to-day standard commuter.

Please note that if you are using the OEM top mounts, you may need to replace the studs with extended ones to be able to fit a strut brace with the SRPs installed.