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KAVS R53 Optimised Bypass Valve

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The KAVS Motorsport optimised bypass valve is a modified OEM valve designed to address the "Yo-Yo" effect in the MINI Cooper S R53 and R52. This effect occurs when the valve constantly opens and closes, typically at around 2500 RPMs, creating an on-off sensation when you depress the throttle pedal.

Our enhanced valve features an adjusted butterfly assembly that fully closes, allowing the boost to reach its maximum potential. This becomes particularly crucial when making adjustments such as changing the supercharger pulley to increase boost. Notably, our Bypass Valve is engineered to prevent air leakage between the valve and intake pipe, resulting in more boost and increased power.

To further improve performance, we have incorporated a sturdier spring to withstand vacuum conditions, ensuring it won't open prematurely. These modifications collectively yield superior throttle response for your MINI.

Includes replacement silicone hose and hose clamps.