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KAVS Sprintex R53 MINI Cooper S Supercharger Pulley

This is for the aftermarket Sprintex Supercharger, and will not fit the standard Eaton M45 supercharger.

SPRINTEX supercharger owners can now optimise the boost using our pulleys. We offer various sizes for your supercharger to catch the right boost in your car.

The sizes we stock are 60 mm, 62 mm, 64 mm, 66 mm, 68 mm and 70 mm.

60 mm pulley gives you ~ 14% overdrive to your standard 70 mm pulley.

You can combine a smaller pulley with our chargecooler to get the most out of your SPRINTEX supercharger.

Belt sizes:

  • 0% crank with 60mm Sprintex = 6PK1390
  • 2% crank with 60mm Sprintex = 6PK1400