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KND Engineering Tow Strap Bolt | Orranje

Tow strap adaptor for the R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, R58 and R59, allowing you to fit a tow strap in place of the OEM towing eye.

Made from high tensile steel and black zinc plated, and supplied with a black high tensile bolt.

Suits tow straps with a 12mm / 1/2" hole. Great for those who spend as much time on the run-off as they do on track!

Please note that the black high tensile bolts are industrial fasteners that are made for their strength and not for aesthetics. They do not have any corrosion resistance, and surface rust may be present, or occur over time. We highly recommend using copper slip on the threads, prior to installing the bolt into the adaptor, and the adaptor onto the car.