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M7 180° F (82° C) Thermostat R50 R52 R53
  • M7 180° F (82° C) Thermostat R50 R52 R53
  • M7 180° F (82° C) Thermostat R50 R52 R53

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Have you ever noticed how crisp and responsive your car was after that initial warm-up period, and wanted to keep that feeling for the rest of the day? The M7 180° F Thermostat is the solution. Not only does the engine maintain its fresh-start power, but also the under-hood temperatures are greatly diminished (see comparison table below). Now when your car sits after a hard run it won't cook and dry out everything under the hood as bad as it did in the stock configuration. This is great for the MINI owner that lives in a hot climate, or those that push their cars hard at the track or local twisty road.

Fits all First generation Minis

Please Note The M7 Thermostat does not include a replacement gasket. Reuse the gasket from the OEM thermostat (this is easiest to remove when the vehicle and thermostat are cold).

Cold Weather Alert If you encounter weather below 50º F or 10º C, please be aware that the ECU could throw a “check engine” light. This is no cause for alarm as the sensors are registering an anomaly and the thermostat is not harming the engine. The “check engine” light can be reset with a diagnostic tool or left as is.

Test Parameters Thermostat(º F) Thermostat(º F)

Mini M7 Tuning Delta (º F)
Intercooler Manifold
98 70 -28
Upper Coolant Hose
190 179 -11
Supercharger at Pulley Shaft Housing
178 160 -18
Head at Thermostat
174 153 -21
Idle w/ A/C On
214 185 -29
Coolant Temperature During Hard Driving
212 180 -32