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M7 Heavy Duty Skid Plate R55 R56 R57 R58 R59
  • M7 Heavy Duty Skid Plate R55 R56 R57 R58 R59
  • M7 Heavy Duty Skid Plate R55 R56 R57 R58 R59
  • M7 Heavy Duty Skid Plate R55 R56 R57 R58 R59

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If your MINI is lifted, lowered or at stock height, a M7 Skid Plate is cheap insurance.

The M7 Speed designed and manufactured skid plate for all R55 through R59 MINI is a functional work of art. It is CAD designed and CNC computer laser cut in the USA from 1/8" (3 mm) thick military grade aluminum plate.

MINI Cooper engine & transmission oil pans are made of very thin sheet metal and plastic that is easily cracked or punctured by most any object they come in contact with. The lowest point on your MINI is the oil pan drain plug and is the first part to get destroyed. Then you have 5 quarts of oil on the ground and not in your engine. Things such as on-highway road debris, manhole covers, parking lot bumpers and speed bumps or off-highway stones, rocks & tree stumps will destroy the underside of your MINI. If your MINI is lifted, lowered or at stock height a M7 Skid Plate is cheap insurance


  • Made in one piece from 5052 military grade aluminum, 0.13 inch thick (3mm)
  • Computer designed & CNC manufactured in the USA for a perfect fit.
  • Direct bolt-on installation – mounts to existing holes in your sub-frame and undercarriage.
  • TIG welded stiffening flanges along the side edges are incorporated into the design for vibration free operation.
  • Cooling vents are provided to enhance underhood air flow and improve cooling.
  • Smooth, raw aluminum finish.
  • Easy oil drain plug access. Skid plate removal not required for oil change service.
  • Less than 60 minutes to install using simple hand tools.
  • Includes all installation hardware and necessary mounts.
  • Made to fit with the M7 Speed Bull Bar Kit 56-140402


  • Protects your MINI’s oil pan, a/c pump, radiator, transmission, suspension and sub-frame from expensive damage.
  • Installation requires no drilling, cutting, welding or other modifications required to your car.
  • Will never rust.
  • Provides the maximum amount of ground clearance while still protecting critical undercarriage components.
  • Increases front downforce for improved moderate to high speed handling on lowered cars running close to the ground.

Includes 1 cut, formed and TIG welded skid plate, all required hardware, mounting brackets and detailed installation instructions.