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M7 MAXX-G Adjustable Rear Control Arms | Orranje
  • M7 MAXX-G Adjustable Rear Control Arms | Orranje
  • M7 MAXX-G Adjustable Rear Control Arms | Orranje
  • M7 MAXX-G Adjustable Rear Control Arms | Orranje

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MAXX-G Adjustable Suspension Links add bind free travel and easy camber adjustment to the rear suspension of any MINI. They feature a solid aluminium 1" hex adjuster sleeve with opposing 3/4" left hand & right hand threads at each end for easy camber adjustment. Our exclusive Hybrid Polymer MonoBall (HPMB) link end is an industry first. There is nothing else on the market like it. This proprietary design performs like a rod end giving bind free suspension movement but acts like a urethane bushing isolating road vibrations and providing long service life.

Rod ends (aka: hiem ends, monoballs, etc) are great on race cars where performance is key and service life is not even considered. Urethane bushings are much better than OEM rubber bushings but do not provide adequate angular movement to optimise suspension travel and grip. The MAXX-G Adjustable Camber Links with HPMB joints add grip, adjustability, are made for daily driving and are rebuildable.

This 2 link kit is made to replace the lower factory camber links. Makes camber adjustments easy for lowered MINIs or when tuning for MAXX-GRIP on Autocross Saturday.


  • Adds cornering performance, bind free suspension travel, better suspension alignment and adjustability to any performance built MINI.
  • Industry First “Hybrid Polymer MonoBall” (HPMB) link ends. A MAXX-G Performance Suspension exclusive
  • Combines the best features of both monoball rod ends and urethane bushings.
  • Offers bind-free high angular misalignment with quiet “click-fee” operation.
  • Forged alloy steel main housing incorporating a hardened steel monoball riding in a vibration dampening & sealed polymer race.
  • Serviceable, rebuildable & greasable.
  • Military grade 6061-T6 aluminium adjuster sleeve with opposing ¾” diameter RH & LH threads
  • Easy length adjustments for correcting rear camber settings

These fit the following MINI models:


  • R50: 2002-2006 Hatchback: Cooper
  • R52: 2004-2008 Convertible: Cooper and Cooper S
  • R53: 2002-2006 Hatchback: Cooper S


  • R55: 2008-xxxx Clubman: Cooper and Cooper S
  • R56: 2007-xxxx Hatchback: Cooper and Cooper S
  • R57: 2009-xxxx Convertible: Cooper and Cooper S
  • R58: 2011-xxxx Roadster: Cooper and Cooper S
  • R59: 2011-xxxx Coupe: Cooper and Cooper S
  • R60 Countryman
  • R61 Pacema