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M7 Rear Anti-Roll Bar MAXX-G R60 R61

Now offering the MAXX-G™ Performance Suspension line of rear anti-roll bars (aka: sway bars) for the R60 Countryman and R61 Paceman.

The MAXX-G™ brand of performance suspension, named for MAXIMUM GRIP and MAXIMUM CORNERING G-FORCE, are engineered to get the most fun and performance out of your MINI. Our ANTI-ROLL-KITs reduce body roll through their increased design stiffness over stock bars. The result: increased roll-stiffness, reduced body roll, more positive handling and added cornering grip in any performance-driving situation producing MAXIMUM GRINS :-). The addition of a MAXX-G rear sway bar is the quickest and easiest way to make drastic improvements to handling, body roll control, and make your MINI more fun to drive.

All MINI’s suffer from factory designed-in understeer. And understeer is a buzz killer. Installing a larger diameter rear anti-roll bar increases the rear roll stiffness of the rear suspension and shifts the handling balance from understeer (bad) toward neutral (more fun). This is one of the first modifications most any MINI owner does to move the fun meter and make the drive more exciting. The MAXX-G™ ANTI-ROLL-KIT comes with 3 sets of link connection points giving you control over the critical fine-tuning of your car’s handling characteristics.

MAXX-G™ ANTI-ROLL BAR Kits are made in The USA from military grade alloy steel and hot forged into exacting shape. Then each MAXX-G™ ANTI-ROLL BAR is finished with a long lasting double coat of HOT YELLOW powder coat and baked to an extremely durable and high gloss finish. Each MAXX-G™ ANTI-ROLL BAR Kit is supplied with a set of greaseable high durometer high performance urethane bushings matched to the bar diameter, a set of new strap clamps, a small tube of silicone grease and the necessary hardware to complete a high performance installation.

Complete your suspension upgrade with a MAXX-G™ ANTI-ROLL-KIT.


  • Reduces body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction.
  • Reduces body roll on lowered, standard height and lifted cars.
  • Reduces wheel loading difference between the inside and outside wheels during cornering.
  • Reduces understeer.
  • Adds performance driving fun & smiles.

Available in 2 diameters for the Countryman/Paceman platform.

  • 19mm solid-recommended for spirited weekend driving
  • 22mm solid-recommended for more serious driving and lifted MINIs (10mm wheel spacers may be required)