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M7 Rear Chassis Brace R50 R52 R53
  • M7 Rear Chassis Brace R50 R52 R53
  • M7 Rear Chassis Brace R50 R52 R53
  • M7 Rear Chassis Brace R50 R52 R53
  • M7 Rear Chassis Brace R50 R52 R53

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NEW DESIGN FOR 2021. Lighter, Stiffer and Reduced Price!

One of the biggest improvements you can make to gain tire grip is stiffening your chassis. A stiffer chassis allows the suspension, like the springs, shocks and sway bars to do their job as intended. Keeping the tires in better contact with the ground equals more grip. Short of adding a full roll cage, the addition of the newly redesigned M7 Rear Chassis Brace to the M7 Under Chassis Brace System and the M7 Strut Tower Brace and you will have the best handling MINI on the street or track. The M7 Rear Chassis Brace features a fully triangulated design, lightweight race car construction and is super easy to install.

Fits all R50 & R53 Hatchback models.

During hard cornering, the MINI is prone to chassis flex that results in excessive oversteer, poor handling characteristics and the need for the driver to compensate. M7 offers a way to fix this problem with the M7 Rear Chassis Brace (RCB). This easy to install bolt-in kit is perfect for enthusiasts who want a stiffer chassis but don't need a fully fabricated roll cage. The new design features a fully triangulated design for maximum chassis stiffness, lightweight construction and threaded connection points making it easy to adjust gap and preload.

Besides the benefit of more predictable handling, the M7 Rear Chassis Brace still allows use of the rear seats. Unlike a roll cage, there are no harness bars or cross members impeding access to the rear seats.

Handling without sacrifice of passenger space. The M7 Rear Chassis Brace is the perfect addition to the ultimate street performance MINI or #badassMINI track car.

The M7 Speed RCB kit includes all necessary hardware, parts and easy to follow instructions. This is an easy 30 minute bolt-in installation.