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M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) R52 R53
  • M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) R52 R53
  • M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) R52 R53
  • M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) R52 R53

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One of the original parts first manufactured by M7 Speed back in 2002 is now even better. We have taken this tested and proven design and improved on it. The Gen 1 MINI SRP Kit (Strut Reinforcement Plate Kit) now includes six custom made self aligning acorn nuts for full thread engagement and extra holding power. The M7 SRP Kit will protect your strut towers against mushrooming caused by destructive potholes, unmaintained roads and aggressive curb jumping.

Extremely durable, the 1/2" (13mm) thick plates come in sets of two (left and right) and are made from CNC machined aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum that is beautifully black anodized to prevent corrosion and and some underhood beauty. Our plates cover the ENTIRE surface of the strut tower top (not just where the upper strut mount meets the tower) to evenly distribute suspension loads over the largest possible area available.

Through the years Gen 1 MINI owners have had one common complaint: the strut towers mushroom after heavy suspension impacts or after the addition of low aspect ratio tires or coil over kits. The MINI's shock towers deform and bend as much as 1/2" [13mm] upwards, throwing the suspension out of alignment and making it difficult to realign. The problem will most likely show up as a slight pull either left or right when driving depending on which strut tower is buckled. The M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates (SRPs) solve this problem by sandwiching the sheet metal between the strut top plate and an extra thick SRP, creating an extra strong composite top surface that will not bend.

If mushrooming is your problem or concern, then the M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates offer the solid solution. Adding the M7 SRPs to your MINI is an inexpensive preventative measure to what could be an expensive fix if you let a repair shop or body shop attempt it.. Thousands of sets have been sold over the years.

Installation is an easy 10 minute DIY project. The installation kit includes simple instructions that also address fixing existing mushrooming.


  • One Left Hand strut reinforcement plate
  • One Right Hand strut reinforcement plate
  • Six closed top self aligning acorn nuts

Please Note: The M7 Gen 1 SRP Plates will fit all R50 R52 and R53 base and S models.

NOTE:This KIT is a reinforcement plate kit only. aka STRUT TOWER DEFENDERS