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M7 Strut Tower Brace R52 R53
  • M7 Strut Tower Brace R52 R53
  • M7 Strut Tower Brace R52 R53

If you are concerned about strut tower mushrooming and looking for improved handing, then the M7 Strut Tower Brace (STB) is the answer.

This is the ONLY strut tower brace on the market that features anti-mushrooming technology.

Over and over we've heard the same complaint: the strut towers mushroom after heavy impacts from the shocks and low aspect ratio tires. At first glance the shock towers take on a barely visible convex shape, but if you would compare it to the original sheet metal, you would find the horizontal plane has been moved as much as 3/8" upwards, throwing the suspension out of any possible alignment fix.

The problem will most likely show up as a slight pull either left or right depending on which strut tower is buckled. The end mounting plates of the M7 Strut Tower Brace will solve this problem by sandwiching the sheet metal and shock top plate, creating a surface that will not bend, even during hard impacts.

The M7 STB features 1/2" (13mm) thick end plates that add extra strength to the strut towers and prevent mushrooming and potentially costly repairs. The top brace improves handling by stiffening up the front end, especially during hard turns. Made of hard anodised aluminium, the M7 Strut Tower brace features a durable black finish that looks great and will not chip or oxidise.

For more information about the R & D of our anti-mushrooming technology, Click Here.

We have customers that won't drive their new MINI off the lot without one and dealers that sell every new MINI with either the M7 Strut Reinforcement Plates or M7 Strut Tower Brace.

Concerned about clearance? No worries. The M7 STB profile is designed to clear both stock and aftermarket cold air intakes & ECUs. The strut tower brace's modular design allows easy access to the oil filter or any other accessories that might normally be blocked and require removal of the entire brace.

Installation is a snap (often taking less than 20 minutes)! No need for new bolts, the brace uses the 3 stock bolts on each side.

Note: The brace does not fit on the R50 Cooper due to limited hood clearance.