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Motul Gear Competition 75w140 Oil | Orranje
  • Transmission Type: Manual
  • Product Category: Gear Oil
  • Quality: Full Synthetic
  • Viscosity Grade: 75W-140
  • Compliance with API Standards: API GL-5, Surpasses existing standards

This premium gear oil is meticulously crafted for the unique demands of racing vehicle transmissions, including applications in speedway, rally, and raid events. It is expertly formulated for use in all hypoid differentials with a limited slip system (LS or LSD), as well as gearboxes featuring an integrated limited slip differential. Additionally, it is suitable for a broad spectrum of mechanical transmissions, whether they are synchronized or non-synchronized, and transfer gearboxes. Engineered to excel in environments subject to shocks, this gear oil ensures optimal performance under heavy loads at low speeds or moderate loads at high speeds, making it a versatile choice for various racing applications.