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Orranje Rear Wiper Delete

Are you after a cleaner, smoother look on the rear of your MINI?

Made from a laser-cut high-gloss black resin sticker to match the rear window, these look stunning and are so simple to use!

The wiper delete is an inexpensive and simple modification that is taking hold of the MINI modding scene.

We are proud to say we are the original creators of this simple kit that consists of a glass look, glossy self adhesive polyurethane domed decal to seal the hole left behind when removing the rear wiper.

Suitable for use on all 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation MINIs, including the Clubman (2 required).


Prior to installation, ensure the surface to which you will be applying the decal to is clean and free from any dirt. Use a solvent such as methylated spirits (on glass only), to ensure the surface is completely clean of dirt and waxy cleaning products.

For best, long lasting results, you can also apply a bead of silicone from the rear of the window to the back of the delete decal and smooth round.

36mm diameter