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Orranje R53 Stealth Cold Air Intake
  • Orranje R53 Stealth Cold Air Intake
  • Orranje R53 Stealth Cold Air Intake
  • Orranje R53 Stealth Cold Air Intake
  • Orranje R53 Stealth Cold Air Intake

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Orranje presents our all new 'Stealth' Cold Air intake for the BMW R53 Mini Cooper S 1st Generation Models (2001-2006)

It's called the 'Stealth' Intake for the simple reason the only distinguishable feature from the outside that it's a modified, performance airbox is a solitary black rivet fixing above the air pipe inlet - there are two additional fixings beneath the inlet too, but these are both hidden from view. If you want to hide the fact that you have a modified airbox on your R53 Cooper S you now can, alternatively you can stick the K&N sticker and Orranje decal included within the kit on top of the box and let the world know!

This is very similar in design to the JCW performance airbox, and the Dave F airbox, with the additional air feed at the rear, as such, will unlock the additional power that the JCW / Dave F airbox delivers giving an immediate power increase thanks to a free-er flowing air delivery system from the K&N air filter (optional extra).

An additional added benefit to using this cold air intake is the additional supercharger whine you will experience within your MINI's cockpit when you climb to 4000+ RPMS.

Along with the fantastic sound from the cone filter, the Orranje Stealth Intake has been proven to add 4bhp on a stock car, and 9bhp when added with a 15% KAVS pulley (26bhp combined)!

  • Stock R53 - 163bhp / 150lb.ft torque
  • Stock plus Orranje Stealth Intake - 166.7bhp / 151lb.ft torque
  • Stock plus KAVS 15% pulley kit - 179.9bhp / 163.1lb.ft torque
  • KAVS 15% pulley kit and Orranje Stealth Intake - 188.6bhp / 166.3lb.ft torque

Dyno Results

Included with your order:

  • A brand new BMW MINI R53 airbox lid, modified for performance by Orranje
  • An Orranje vinyl sticker, or domed decal, depending on stock
  • Optional - A brand new K&N filter, K&N sticker and K&N warranty card

A 76mm hole saw is required for complete installation (not included), to allow the rear pipe to extend into the cowl area.

Please note that the Orranje Stealth Cold Air Intakes are handmade, so small manufacturing defects and variations are normal, and do not detract from the functionality of the product.

As with all modifications, please inform your vehicles insurer if you are installing one of these to your MINI.

Download Orranje Stealth Intake Fitting Guide