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OS Giken GTS Single Plate Clutch R53 GTS1CD
  • OS Giken GTS Single Plate Clutch R53 GTS1CD
  • OS Giken GTS Single Plate Clutch R53 GTS1CD

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Our Grand Touring Clutch is the latest development to our clutch lineup. It retains the technology from our Multi-plate Clutches, but with the addition of our unique floating pressure system to provide a smooth and chatter-free driving experience. This soft version allows for an easier and lighter clutch pedal at the expense of torque capacity. If you are well below 80% of the clutch capacity maximum, this is a good opportunity to utilize the soft diaphragm spring.

The Grand Touring Soft single plate dampened clutches give some forgiveness to the transmission by absorbing drivetrain shock. The result is a quiet and reliable clutch set. This is ideal for those customers looking for a slightly higher capacity clutch for their showcase vehicle to take it to and from their local concourse gatherings.


  • Mini Cooper S (R50/R53)

Included Components:

  • Dampened Single Plate Clutch Assembly with Flywheel
  • Release Sleeve Assembly Included
  • Flywheel Bolts Included

Installation Notes:

  • Please consult installation guide
  • Highly recommended to replace OEM clutch actuation components (forks, rods, etc) as they are known to warp over time.