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Performance Distributors Screamin' Demon Ignition Coils

Please note that we are currently waiting on more stock.

This is a true performance coil pack for the MINI! The OEM coil pack outputs 36,000 volts under heavy load, but the Screamin' Demon outputs a shocking 45,000 volts!

This increase in voltage means a hotter spark will now be produced, leading to a better burn in the combustion chamber. Due to the increase in voltage, the plug gaps may need to be increased to .065 inch, depending on the plugs you run - always follow the spark plug manufacturers advice when it comes to gapping.

We recommend you install a good quality plug wire with this coil pack, and have offered the fantastic LiveWires, with braided high temperature sleeves, as an optional extra.

This coil pack is covered under a 1 year warranty.

The coil pack now includes new bolts for fitting.