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Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bush Caster Offset (Black Series)

Powerflex Bushes PFF5-1302GBLK

Powerflex Bushes PFF5-1302GBLK


PFF5-1302G is a CNC-machined mount with polyurethane bush providing approx 1 deg of caster offset to improve in-corner camber gain without compromising straight-line traction. It has a knurled body to retain grease and allow free rotation of the bush, preventing torsional twist in the bush material, aiding performance, reliability and increasing longevity.

OEM Part Number: 31126850403 / 31126850404 (02/12/2013 to 06/11/2014)

OEM Part Number: 31126874341 / 31126874342 (01/09/2014 to 15/12/2017)