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Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bush Caster Offset (Black Series)

Powerflex Bushes PFF5-1302GBLK

Powerflex Bushes PFF5-1302GBLK


PFF5-1302G is a CNC-machined mount with polyurethane bush providing approx 1 deg of caster offset to improve in-corner camber gain without compromising straight-line traction. It has a knurled body to retain grease and allow free rotation of the bush, preventing torsional twist in the bush material, aiding performance, reliability and increasing longevity.

OEM Part Number: 31126850403 / 31126850404 (02/12/2013 to 06/11/2014)

OEM Part Number: 31126874341 / 31126874342 (01/09/2014 to 15/12/2017)

Black Series - Track and Motorsport

Powerflex Black Series bushes are manufactured using our Black 95 Shore A compound to provide maximum control of chassis geometry. They are designed for the Track, ready to Race and are engineered to be the best. This compound can be up to 80% more resistant to load than standard rubber and 25% stiffer than our purple performance material. If your requirements are purely for the ultimate in handling and chassis performance, then Powerflex Black Series are unique, offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis.