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ScanGauge 3 III OBD II Code Scan Tool & Multi-Gauge

ScanGaugeIII can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include built-in digital gauges, 5 sets of trip data and an easy-to-use Scan Tool that reads and clears trouble codes — all in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes.

  • Compatible with all OBDII protocols
  • Capacitive Touch Display with over 16 million colours
  • Read Trouble Codes & Clear Check Engine Light
  • Multiple Trip Computers
  • Automatic XGauge Configuration
  • Customizable Visual and Audible Alarms
  • Up to 9 Gauges Displayed at Once with Multiple Pages of favourites
  • Free Wireless Updates

ScanGaugeIII provides real-time gauges to show you what is going on “under the hood” with built-in digital gauges. The gauge screen allows you to select and display up to 9 gauges at a time, so you can monitor the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real-time.

The ScanGaugeIII features the exclusive X-GAUGE™ vehicle specific gauge system; you can monitor parameters such as transmission temperature, oil temperature, trip data and fuel economy information. X-Gauge™ gives you the ability to customize your ScanGaugeIII by adding additional vehicle specific digital gauges. The all new Auto Scan feature of the ScanGaugeIII can automatically scan your vehicle for available XGauges.

2nd Generation (R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61)

  • Oil Pressure - 2011+ N16 / N18 Engine's Only
  • Transmission Fluid Temp
  • Engine Oil Temperature (calculated)
  • Air to Fuel Ratio
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Engine Temperature

3rd Generation (F55, F56, F57)

  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Tank Level
  • Fuel Temperature
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Electric Fan Duty Cycle
  • Air to Fuel Ratio
  • Transmission Fluid Temperature 1 (Automatic Transmissions Only)
  • Transmission Fluid Temperature 2 (Automatic Transmissions Only)
  • Transmission Input Speed (Automatic Transmissions Only)
  • Transmission Output Speed (Automatic Transmissions Only)
  • Torque (Automatic Transmissions Only)