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Scorpion R53 R52 R50 Exhaust Manifold & De-Cat SMNC014
  • Scorpion R53 R52 R50 Exhaust Manifold & De-Cat SMNC014
  • Scorpion R53 R52 R50 Exhaust Manifold & De-Cat SMNC014

Orranje are proud to announce their brand new 4-2-1 exhaust manifold for the 1st Generation MINI - R53, R52 and R50.

In collaboration with Scorpion Exhausts and hand built from 304 stainless steel in England, Orranje have helped to develop a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, with interchangeable 2.5" (63.5mm) de-cat pipe and high flow 200 cell sports catalyst, allowing you to quickly change between a track and road setup. We have also included a third sensor port, just after the first, for those who wish to install an AFR gauge and additional sensor, and include a blanking plug for those who don't. The manifold and de-cat also includes new gaskets.

As with all Scorpion Exhausts, the manifold and pipes are covered by an 'original purchaser lifetime anti-corrosion and manufacturing defect warranty', and the high flow sports catalyst is covered by their 2 year warranty. The high flow sports catalyst is the same as Scorpion Exhausts use in their F56 MINI, S3, Focus RS and Golf 7R manifolds, so unlike other manufacturers, they do not have a limit to the power they can handle.

SMNC014 - Scorpion Manifold and De-Cat Pipe

SMNX014 - Scorpion Manifold and Cat Pipe

Please note that the de-cat pipe and cat pipe will not fit other manifolds, and vice versa; the manifold will not fit other de-cat and cat pipes.

As with all aftermarket manifolds, the heat shields may need bending into a different position to clear the change in pipework size and shape.