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ShiftLight F55 F56

Extract the most out of your car by making sure you are changing gear at the optimum RPM, with the ShiftLight for the F55 and F56. The 11 LEDs are housed in a matt black 3D printed OEM style housing, perfectly formed to sit in front of your rev counter for maximum visibility. The housing can be painted if required.

  • 6 LED stages (green, amber, red)
  • On / off button
  • Easy setup
  • Simple 3 wire connection

Please note that the ShiftLight doesn't include the steering column cover as shown in the photo and video.

Download Instructions

To alter the brightness of the lights to your taste, you can install a resistor between 350 and 450 Ohm on the brown cable, or alternatively you can buy potentiometers that would allow you to adjust the brightness.