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ST Suspension ST XTA Coilover Kit MINI R50 R52 R53 18220842
  • ST Suspension ST XTA Coilover Kit MINI R50 R52 R53 18220842
  • ST Suspension ST XTA Coilover Kit MINI R50 R52 R53 18220842
  • ST Suspension ST XTA Coilover Kit MINI R50 R52 R53 18220842

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ST Suspension's ST XTA coilover kit is essentially a KW V2 coilover with adjustable top mounts, but with a galvanised body rather than the INOX body offered by the V2 kit. This equates to KW quality at fantastic prices!

ST XTA features -

  • Height adjustable coilovers
  • Adjustable top mounts
  • High-End KW Damper Technology
  • Adjustable dampers for fine tuning the vehicle's ride
  • Lowers Front 20-50mm
  • Lowers Rear 20-50mm
  • 2 year warranty

ST (“Suspension Techniques” apparently) is KW’s newest brand in Europe. KW have been offering suspension products under the ST name in America since 2005 and now the the brand is taking over from Weitec worldwide.

ST Coilovers offer the same combination of KW damper technology, durable stainless housings, and outstanding value as their Weitec products but have a generation newer damper technology wet build damper technology, offering a smoother ride.

You'll still benefit from KW’s second-to-none attention to detail and approach to quality.

With the ST-XTA for the first time on a fast-road coilover kit, KW are offering a complete solution with coilover suspension struts and fully adjustable top mounts. Previously only offering this level of specification on high end club-sport coilovers, this is a huge amount of adjustament on a set of road coilovers.

The coilover units themselves are identical to the ST-XA units. Offering individual on-car, per-corner lowering and on-car adjustable rebound damping these coilovers are perfect for the user that knows what they are doing.

As with all KW coilovers these come from the factory ready-configured for fast-road use so you have a good "default" setting to use as a basis for fine-tuning.

The adjustable top-mounts allow for camber adjustment to ensure that lowered vehicles retain the correct camber, with precise adjustment to ensure consistentcy and accuracy.

These coilovers retain a large amount of suspension travel enabling them to properly damp bumps without crashing or jarring for that high-end suspension feel.

The galvanised finish is designed to stand up to the toughest weather conditions whilst allowing them to offer these coilovers at a truly outstanding price.

KW are so confident of the quality of this product that they're offering the same 2 Year warranty as on all of their other products.

Please note that spacers may be required, depending on your wheel and tyre setup.