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TPE Intake Manifold R53
  • TPE Intake Manifold R53
  • TPE Intake Manifold R53
  • TPE Intake Manifold R53
  • TPE Intake Manifold R53

Please note that these are currently made on demand - approx 10-25 working days.

The original R53 intake manifold, is another restriction in the intake system. Even vehicles with high performance modifications like big valve heads and upgraded camshafts are restricted by the oem design, as the restriction lays between the intake and the cylinder head.

Engines need air in order to combust fuel, the more air the more fuel can be combusted and ultimate the more power output.

Our main goal was to maintain, as much as possible, the same pressure in all four runners exit, while maintaining the same outer dimensions as the original unit. To achieve this CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Simulation was used , and a complete redesign of the inner surfaces of the intake manifold.

Main objectives during the development process:

Plug and play fitment.

Maximum Gains.

Objective 1)

As with all our products, this intake manifold is a plug and play unit.

To achieve the above, we used 3D Scanning, CAD and 3D printing.

Objective 2)

Multiple CFD integrations were used until we were happy with the pressure distribution and many prototype models were tested in real world scenarios and dyno runs.

Gains in the whole rpm range.

Huge gains from the 2500 to 5000 rpm with +40Nm and 15Whp at 3000 RPM and +10Nm and 12 Whp at the redline.

Results on a TPE Precision non-ported manifold vs Original non ported intake manifold.

Test Car spec:

16% Supercharger pulley

0% Crank pulley

550cc Injectors

Exhaust cat-back

TPE Precision charge pipe.

TPE Precision prototype cold air intake

TRS Performance ECU Tune

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending engine spec.

Additionally, we saw lower intake temperatures and faster recovery time.

ECU calibrated by our partner TRS Performance in the UK.

ECU calibration was necessary as after the installation of the TPE Precision manifold as the AFR was on the lean side.

The R53 intake manifold is a direct bolt-on engine upgrade that requires no modifications. It comes with all the required hardware necessary to complete the installation.