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M7 Oil Catch Can R52 R53

The MINI Cooper S is prone to excessive oil vapour within the intake system from the positive pressure induction system from the factory. If you've ever taken off your intercooler, you most likely noticed a build up of oil within each rubber boot sealing each end of the intercooler. Spray some cleaner into it and you'll quickly discover massive amounts of oil that build up inside the intercooler! This oil coating is not in itself harmful to the general operation of the engine, but it does affect the performance by limiting the efficiency of the intercooler in cooling the compressed intake charge, not to mention gumming up various sensors and components.

The M7 Oil Catch Can is CNC machined from billet aluminium and adds a sharp, industrial look to your engine compartment. When installed The M7 catch can separates the oil vapours from the crankcase air before it is returned back into the intake charge keeping you intercooler and sensors working at peak performance.

All hoses, brackets, and necessary fittings are included.

Fits the following Mini models -

R53 - Cooper S, JCW and GP (2002-2006)

R52 - Cooper S and JCW (2005-2008)

For best results we recommend using this product in conjunction with the M7 Aerogel Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield