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SuperPro MINI Adjustable Drop Sway Bar Links


  • SuperPro MINI Adjustable Drop Sway Bar Links
  • SuperPro MINI Adjustable Drop Sway Bar Links

Designed to maximise the benefit of Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bars and to be used in place of the non-adjustable OEM drop links, to give you full adjustability of your anti-roll bar position.


  • Front - TRC10200 - Adjustability Range of 245mm to 305mm
    • Please note these may need to be installed 'backwards' at one end, compared to the OEM droplinks, due to the extra thickness - please contact us for more info.
  • Rear - TRC10160 - Adjustability Range of 210mm to 260mm

Features & Benefits

  • 6060-T5 Alloy Link
  • Large ball for low friction and long life
  • Spanner provision for on-car adjustment
  • Eliminates anti-roll sway bar link flex
  • Allows for neutral sway bar positioning
  • Maximises all positions on adjustable anti-roll sway bars

Please note that as these are thicker than standard, clearance between components will be different, and may need to be fitted backwards as noted above. Clearance is also dependent on the coilovers you have and the level of drop you have them set at. You must also set the droplinks to the required length (ie longer or shorter, depending on if you are fitting to the front or rear), and fit them with both wheels in the air, and check clearance with both wheels on the ground. With this in mind, please ensure the protective wrapping if left on the droplinks during fitting, in case they are not compatible with your setup.