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Powerflex Bushes PF5K-1009

Powerflex Bushes PF5K-1009


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Powerflex Handling Packs contain bushes that have been specifically selected to give the perfect combination of value versus performance based on years of experience. We have chosen products from our range to maximize the performance of the suspension, whilst being mindful of cost with a price saving over buying the parts individually. This can be an ideal upgrade complementing other suspension upgrades such as shock absorbers and springs. Each box includes a complimentary Powerflex keyring and sticker. Powerflex offer improved reliability over original parts and of course carry our Lifetime Warranty.

Included within this pack are the following parts:

  • PFF5-1301 Front Arm Front Bush
  • PFF5-1302 Front Arm Rear Bush
  • PFR5-1310 Rear Trailing Arm Front Bush
  • PFF5-1320 Lower Engine Mount Large Bush

Road (Purple & Yellow) Series - Road and Fast Road

Powerflex Road Series bushes improve your cars' road holding and chassis performance by controlling the amount of unwanted flex in the suspension. This means the suspension is doing what it is supposed to. It means your tyres have greater contact with the road at all times, therefore, improving safety and performance. Correctly formulated polyurethane is as good if not better at noise, vibration and harshness suppression when compared to worn rubber. Our Road bushes offer Prolonged tyre life, Improved performance, Increase safety, and Greater cost-effectiveness.