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PFF5-170 Powerflex Clutch Fork Pivot Pin

Powerflex Bushes PFF5-170

Powerflex Bushes PFF5-170


The factory plastic clutch fork pivot pins (and even some aftermarket bronze/brass ones) are known to squeak, wear excessively and even break over time and when used with high-pressure performance clutches. Our CNC-machined 303-grade stainless steel clutch fork pivot pins solves this issue, as a fit and forget part with our lifetime warranty. Fits manual transmissions only.

OEM Part Number: 23117545084 / 23 11 7 545 084

Fits all 1st and 2nd Gen MINIs - R50 to R60

Road (Purple & Yellow) Series - Road and Fast Road

Powerflex Road Series bushes improve your cars' road holding and chassis performance by controlling the amount of unwanted flex in the suspension. This means the suspension is doing what it is supposed to. It means your tyres have greater contact with the road at all times, therefore, improving safety and performance. Correctly formulated polyurethane is as good if not better at noise, vibration and harshness suppression when compared to worn rubber. Our Road bushes offer Prolonged tyre life, Improved performance, Increase safety, and Greater cost-effectiveness.