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Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm Front Bush R53 80mm (Black Series)

Powerflex Bushes PFR5-1105BLK

Powerflex Bushes PFR5-1105BLK


PFR5-1105BLK - Rear Trailing Arm Front Bush (Black Series)
Supplied as a pair

PFR5-1105 is a complete bush. It fits early Gen1 models up to 2003 with a diameter of 80mm, for later models with a diameter of 60mm use PFR5-1104. For inserts use PFR5-110 which fit into the original rubber bush.

  • PFR5-110 inserts will fit models up to 05/2003. For a full replacement bush, please use PFR5-1105
  • PFR5-1105 is a full replacement bush that fits early Gen1 models up to 2003 with an 80mm OD bush. For later models with a 60mm OD bush, use PFR5-1104

Black Series - Track and Motorsport

Powerflex Black Series bushes are manufactured using our Black 95 Shore A compound to provide maximum control of chassis geometry. They are designed for the Track, ready to Race and are engineered to be the best. This compound can be up to 80% more resistant to load than standard rubber and 25% stiffer than our purple performance material. If your requirements are purely for the ultimate in handling and chassis performance, then Powerflex Black Series are unique, offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis.